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Train for Success

Evaluation Session

The Evaluation session is a GREAT introduction to the program. Allowing myself and the player to build a rapport with one another and allows me to see what skill set the player already possesses and what I feel the player would need to work on, that would be most effective to them moving forward. This is a FREE session as well!




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This is offered to get ahead of the game and get future sessions scheduled up front. This will provide 1 session a week for 4 weeks. This is a great way to keep the player committed and engaged in the training. Email me for more details.

These private sessions are great to just get in the gym and get to work on your craft without any distractions. Fundamental skills such as; ball handling, shooting, and working on the "KEY" details to help you gain an edge over your competition. These private sessions will last an hour and may run a bit over an hour just how hard you're willing to work. 


This class offers a new and exciting approach to your sports training. There can be up to 10 players in a group for an hour session.

I developed my Group Sessions from drills and lessons used by many to help grow their game to newer heights.  I know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… so keep practicing with me. Schedule a class today.

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Private Training Subscription Service

This service is cost-effective on those who have a busy schedule and just want an easy service they can keep track of every month!
This gives the trainee guaranteed 3 sessions a month: 
-including a Bsharpe Basketball Training shirt  
-access to a shooting machine
-live training sessions over zoom calls or however you use your phone camera!

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